Made the old fashioned way by Men of Steel…

HGTSLA is QuickTrak’s flagship laser aligner. It’s a beast. It’s the best. Tracks multi-axle vehicles and trailers at a stroke. It’s quick, accurate, robust, built to last and very simple to use.

This is the best Truck/Bus laser aligner on the world market today for the money! It’s British, hand-made in Sheffield, seriously robust and doesn’t cost the earth.

In fact, like all QuickTrak’s professional aligners, it’ll pay you. Cost to profit ratio = lots and lots, and a bit more besides.

Like all QuickTrak laser aligners its simple but effective design allows accurate alignment in practically any environment. Minimal moving parts, no wires, pin sharp laser images and rechargeable batteries all add up to one seriously versatile Truck Wheel Aligner.